Vision & Mission


To empower the global pharmaceutical industry and support the dependent business entities in leveraging their core strengths of drug discovery, development and commercialization through joint efforts with our expertise in research.


YOU DRAW.! WE MAKE.!! - with a combination of “Blending Research and Innovation”.

It is our mission to help the global pharmaceutical industry as a whole and as individual business entities. To help them leverage their strengths through our expertise in some niche research areas, so that they can deliver newer and better products in the healthcare sector to improve the quality of life of humanity at large.


Our commitment to our clients is to provide excellence and integrity in science, complemented by our uncompromising drug quality, absolute confidentiality, dependable project management, timely delivery and responsive customer service.

  • Integrity - It is our way of life, integral in everything we do Open, Fair, Honest and a transparent behavior.
  • Customer Focus - Leaving every customer with Superior Customer Delight Strive to exceed expectations through innovative solutions.
  • Corporate Responsibility - Being Human Work Together...Win Together. A collective effort to make a difference in the world we live.
  • Excel - In every act and deed through innovation Best always. Relentlessly and continuously improve ourselves.
  • Respect - Give to get Give before you expect. Respect for individuals, property and timelines.
  • Teamwork and Leadership - Team first Build Together...Win Together. A collective effort to be the leader in the chosen field.


SYNRYN is an independent service company specialized in custom synthesis of complex organic chemicals for biomedical and pharmaceutical research. We supply products worldwide to a client base that includes major pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, manufacturers of specialty chemicals, as well as to researchers at universities and other research institutions.

At SYNRYN, we deliver not only compounds but also reliable, high quality and cost-effective organic synthesis services. Our customers expect rapid turnaround times on both the quotes and the delivery of the product. As a general rule, we respond to new inquiries within 48 hours after the initial screening of literatures if the material is not in stock. Once a project is underway, we provide each customer with a regular updates on the status of the synthesis project. This facilitates synchronized feedback from customers. We listen carefully to the concerns and needs of customers, and address each promptly and efficiently.